Save Askham Bog

We received this piece from Ellie in Year 7. The conservation of our green and natural spaces is of paramount importance to both the environment and the wildlife that inhabits these areas. Ellie has written a short persuasive piece about the importance of preserving Askham Bog. 


This short non-fiction piece is about a wonderful woodland in the South-East of York and how you can make a difference and help save it.  

Askham Bog is a treasured and fundamental place in the South – East of York, it is an ancient marsh originally used for peat extraction, however, this fascinating and beautiful nature reserve, that even Sir David Attenborough has said is ‘’irreplaceable’, has come under serious threat. A planning application has been submitted that could mean Askham Bog’s wildlife could be destroyed.

The area is a special place to me and my family because we have had so many wonderful afternoons spotting roe deer, robins, blue tits and many other incredible animal species there. We have also loved looking at royal ferns and breath-taking irises. Askham Bog is also wonderful because it is such an eye-catching woodland so close to the busy town.

The bog and surrounding woods are also a vital part of making sure that air pollution does not rise even more. In York, Fishergate’s air pollution is already unhealthy and destroying even more of York’s green spaces will increase it further to the point of becoming seriously dangerous and could increase the chances of people getting asthma and other lung diseases meaning hospitals will become even busier.

If you would like to make a difference: tell the council why you love Askham Bog.

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