Mansfield College, Oxford – A York Student’s Perspective

We received an article from Beau in Year 10 describing their recent trip to Oxford University with the York ISSP. The article, as seen below, describes the events of the day and how they have impacted the views of this young student about the University, the city of Oxford and further education in general. Thank you for the submission Beau and we’re glad you found the trip insightful and interesting.

York ISSP Trip To Oxford

We arrived at Mansfield College, Oxford, on a sunny June morning. We went into one of the lecture halls at the college, where some common myths were busted about the university. I was surprised as I thought you needed to come from a wealthy middle/upper class family to attend Oxford University. We were then told about the many different societies you can join in Oxford. For example, there are quidditch, tea-drinking and movie societies to name but a few. It soon became clear that there is a society for everyone! We were given a very insightful tour around Mansfield College, learning about university life, student accommodation, libraries and common rooms. Seeing these in person really helped to provide perspective about what university life is like in Oxford. Lunch was served in a magnificent chapel that is also used at the hall. It was like being transported back into a bygone era with ornate architecture in these historic buildings. The afternoon was spent in the city centre, visiting museums and seeing the range of historic buildings. It was clear to see how much is on offer to students at Oxford, from rowing competitions, punting with friends and studying in one of the many impressive libraries. Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Oxford. It was an enlightening experience and I learnt a lot about the university. It has given me a clearer idea about my next steps in education. Meeting students from York at the University made me realise that Oxford University is for ordinary people like me and has inspired me to aim higher in my goals for the future. 





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