Poem of Self-Expression

Katie in Year 7 has written an insightful and introspective poem full of depth and profoundness. Read the fantastic piece here!

I may be a stranger to many people on earth,
But I know my friends are here to support me.
Sometimes I think of myself as a bit of a smurf,
Because everyone is solitary and unique.
A path of happiness shows me the way,
And my family is there to give me guidance.
Most of the time I am okay,
Because my confidence comes through.
The world is colossal but I am small,
Often I feel like a lonely star in space.
On my first day of high school I was clinging to the wall,
Yet I made many friends who made me smile.
I will shine brightly like a star,
And show my true colours.
In life I will go very far,
Because my identity is special.
I will become the best I can be,
Without using all the guidelines to the future.
This is me,
And I am still to grow stronger and bolder.
The universe is huge but I am small.

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