About Us

Tom – Co-Editor

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I’m currently studying for my Masters of Research in English at the University of Liverpool specialising in Child Language and Education looking at the impact of the National Curriculum on child writing. My undergraduate study was also completed at the University of Liverpool where I graduated in 2018 with a BA in English. I have been involved with the York ISSP for over five years now having worked as a student assistant at five consecutive Summer Schools and recently the first Primary School Project that we have offered. I’m determined to help make this journal a showcase for the creative thinking and outstanding work produced by the young people of York!

Eve – Co-Editor

79B0DFD4-EC79-428B-B085-AA1AD5772725.pngI’m currently in my first year studying Liberal Arts at Durham, specialising in Theology and International Relations, after studying A-Levels in History, RE, Music and English Language at Archbishop Holgate’s Sixth Form. Whilst growing up in York, I took part in many ISSP-provided events, such as ‘Opinionate!’ and GCSE Latin, which contributed so much to my passion for learning, especially in Humanities, now leading me to being a Student Mentor at the Summer Schools. I’m passionate to ensure that this online journal provides a space for the inspiring voices of young people to be heard!

Amanda – Editorial Assistant

whatsapp-image-2018-09-19-at-15-07-40.jpegI’m Amanda and I’ve taken part in ISSP events since I was in Year 7; I’m now in Year 12 studying Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, and Spanish at A-level. Over the years I’ve been involved with numerous different aspects of the ISSP: GCSE Latin, GCSE Astronomy, the Brathay Residential, and countless summer schools and workshops. Thanks to the ISSP, I’ve gained several skills and extra qualifications – and not to mention the tonnes of fun I’ve had along the way with new friends. Now, I’m in involved with Insightful Imaginings because I’m excited to provide a platform for students to voice their thoughts and present their work. We hope you enjoy it.


Holly – Editorial Assistant


Hi, I’m Holly  – a 16 year-old student currently studying at Archbishop Holgate’s Sixth form in York. Since I can remember I have long been interested in the scientific truths of the world we live in, later choosing to make the bold (and some might say brave) decision to take five A-levels (Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) to try and appease my curiousity. Through ISSP I participated in GCSE Latin and Astronomy, which I found both fascinating and highly applicable to my future aims of pursuing a scientific career. I have also attended every Easter and Summer ISSP masterclass that I could and the Brathay residential, all of which can only be described as horizon broadening and for which I am completely grateful for.  Hence, I am sat here, a steadily accumulating pile of A-level homework and study work to my side, three cups of coffee running through my veins, writing this; because to me, it is time to give back. I only hope that our readers and featured talent can find our journal a fraction as fruitful and fulfilling as I found ISSP to be in my journey.