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As always we are eager to publish the work of all students, be it insightful or imaginative, for our readers to appreciate and enjoy. By sending your work to the email address below you are submitting your work to our editors who will read and potentially tweak your work into a format suitable for our site. However you must also acknowledge that the editors decision is final and that while we would be delighted to show your work not all contributions may feature.


For publication we require your:

  • First name.
  • Year group.
  • School/College
  • Email Address.
  • The category/genre of your piece (Fiction/Non-Fiction, poetry, art work etc.).
  • A short one-sentence blurb.
  • And of course the piece itself.


All images must be submitted in JPEG format and all work must be sent to our email address below along with the information listed above.

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Our Twitter name: Insightful-Imaginings

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Thank you for sharing your work with us we look forward to reading it!